The Prieska Protocol:
Meet the people behind the idea

Douglas Racionzer

Douglas drives the idea of the Prieska Protocol and leads the marketing in the global North through Triskellion Ventures.

He is a qualified social worker and ethicist working in small towns promoting business citizenship. He is a qualified and experienced training facilitator and assessor. He has run his own businesses and is a recognized social entrepreneur having received an Ashoka fellowship in 2004 for his work in township trading and a Lemmelson fellowship in 2006 for the invention of a display fridge.

Jiyana Tshenge

Jiyana owns the Jiyathe Projects and manages the Loxion Hub Co-operative in Prieska.

The Loxion Hub runs a number of craft workshops including the lapidary that cuts and polishes tiger’s eye. Jiyana also chairs the Prieska Chamber of business.


Rina is the local woman who makes stone trees.

She has lived in Prieska for many years now and volunteers for FAMSA, a local charity supporting family life. She says that each tree is designed based on the shape and look of the raw tiger’s eye. Her trees reflect the kind of local trees we have here in the Karoo.


Joseph Williams

Joe is helping us to test the market for the Prieska Protocol in the USA.

As a social entrepreneur, he is on a mission to eliminate recidivism. He has developed and implemented a number of innovative approaches that have helped others to experience total restoration.

Andy Racionzer

Andy leads the design team, tumbles stone and designs jewellery.

She is a musician and music teacher, and has supported and cajoled us to bring the Prieska Protocol to life.

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