In Prieska in the Northern Cape, South Africa, raw, uncut tiger’s eye is bought for 1 dollar and sold for 5000 dollars after cutting and polishing. The middlemen are making ALL the profit.

We are getting a raw deal. We need a better way to share the real value of our gemstones.

Raw Rock to Polished Stones

For a fair deal for gemstones we need a way to share the price you pay for your gemstone with the miner, the cutter & polisher as well as the seller. With everyone down the value chain.

We also need to make sure the miners, cutters & polishers get their welfare needs met and the earth gets returned to the condition it was found in.

The Prieska Protocol is an agreement between the various people who are involved in bringing gemstones to market to share the selling price you pay between them.

In January 2016, we shot a movie about artisanal miners and the Prieska Protocol. The Legal Resources Centre in South Africa stumped up the cash to pay for Big Fish to film a documentary called Common Ground.

It’s out now and you can watch it below. The password for the video is “CG”.


The Mayor of Siyathemba, Piet Papier haggles with the crafters for jewelry and gemstones at the Prieska fair in December 2014.

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