Blue lace agate


It’s a lovely form of chalcedony.  The blue lace has makes delightful patterns.  As far as I know. all blue lace agate comes from a mine on a farm in Southern Namibia.  George Swanson owned the farm from the early 1960’s until his death recently. For over 50 years, blue lace agate was sold around the globe and sourced from just one place on earth!

George Swanson’s son it seems, has not done the diligence to get the required mining licences and upon the death of the local mine manager, the mine has been closed.  You can still find blue lace agate for sale here and there but now that the mine is closed, something needs to be done to work with the local community at Ysterputs farm if we want to see lots of blue lace agate on the market again.

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