ethical muling

A team of local people in Hackney visited South Africa in July to help establish an inclusive and creative economy through the British Council’s DICE programme.  I arranged for the team to act as ethical mules and we brought over 20 kilograms of tumbled and raw stone for sale in the UK.

Within two days of landing back in the UK I had sold 18 kilograms!

I now just have some amazing stone eggs and balls and about 2 Kilograms of tumble stones left!

The ethical muling approach where travelers include products in their luggage can work for small quantities of goods and has been pioneered by Feral Trade .

I have now asked Jiyana in South Africa to prepare a further 20 kilograms and to ask the government to ship me full ton of stone.  paid for the the department of Trade and Industry.

Let’s see what happens….

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