Getting the State to support exports

It so happens that the ex-mayor of Prieska, Piet Papier is now an official in SEDA, the small enterprise development agency in South Africa.  Jiyana Tshenge informed me and I got on the phone and had a good conversation with Mr. Papier.

The result was a letter to Jiyana:

“Dear Mr. Tshenge

Since our last email above, we have brought in another 20KG of stone on Monday to the UK.  I have today completed sales of 19 kg of stone.  Of these 19 kg, your tumbled stone amounted to 14 kg.
I would like you to arrange to come over to visit us at Triskellion Ventures in London so we can introduce you to the team here and meet the jewellers here.  I believe we can make a good market for gemstones of the types mentioned in our previous emails if you could find a way to pay for the transport costs/logistics?
Kind regards
Douglas Racionzer”
Mr. Papier will also look into paying for the shipping costs for a ton of stone!
watch this space.

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