Jiyana Is The New Word For “Tenacity”


The thing that keeps striking me about working in small towns like Prieska is the quality of the leadership we produce.  Prieska is full of great men and women who, despite poverty, illness and struggle, champion the dignity and courage that can inspire us all, if we but bother to look.

Jiyana Tshenge set-up and runs the Loxion Hub.  A local youth empowerment project, co-operative and workshop where pottery is made, glass is recycled, jewellery is wrought and gemstones are cut and polished.

The thing to know about Jiyana is that this guy has tenacity.  He just keeps on plugging away at a thing until it becomes a reality.  Government departments and haughty foreign investors cannot resist his gentle persistence.  Jiyana’s tenacity comes from his utter conviction and hope that we are building a new world where everyone has a place of honour.

Jiyana lives a humble a simple life in the middle of dusty township street in Prieska, just round the corner from the Loxion Hub and he has been carefully and patiently building this co-operative for over eight years now.

It is a real honour to work with people of character like Jiyana in the Prieska Protocol.

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