Testing The Market

So over the past two weeks, Andy and the team have set-up this website.  We have rewritten and re-designed it twice based on what our friends and supporters have suggested.  It’s still a work in progress .

The Prieska Protocol is a new way of sharing value in the gemstone industry.  We are excited about the opportunity to build a fairer, shared value for all the people who contribute to the making of a gemstone.

Because I spent over a year in Prieska, we have identified the tiger’s eye market based out of Prieska as the easiest way to build this new system.  A system where all the players in the market agree to share a piece of the final selling price.

The gemstone trade is actually very secretive and people don’t like to share information about the market.  So our first job is to test the market for tige’rs eye and by doing so, for the Prieska Protocol.

We have chosen to ask you to support us by investing in this market test.
Click on the “invest” button below to invest in the market test.

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