The Loxion Hub

Loxion is a local slang word for “location”, a settlement where the Apartheid regime placed anyone who failed their curious tests for whiteness.

The Loxion Hub is a single story, grey concrete brick building along a dusty gravel road at the back end of Prieska.  You could miss it if you weren’t actually looking for it.  Locals know it as “Moeder Theresa” because the local Mother Theresa Hospice is part of the complex.  Nothing is ever quite what it seems in a township.  The most humble looking hovel could be the best place to have a meal.  The most imposing mansion could be abandoned.

Raw tiger’s eye gets brought here to be cut and polished at the lapidary.  The lapidary is made-up of two small rooms and it’s part of a complex that provides computer training an internet cafe, a soup kitchen for the indigent, a glass beading workshop, a pottery with kilns and a jewellery workshop.

The lapidary has a safe, stone cutting saws, two tumblers, an array of polishing tools and is currently a hive of activity as the team prepares to meet the various orders for stone that are beginning to come in.

The Loxion Hub is where you will find local citizens busy building their future.  Nothing is quite what it seems.  The Loxion Hub, with the Prieska Protocol is transmuting the raw stone of poverty into human flourishing.

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